TotalControl9000 is a home automation system like no other.  Take instant, remote control of your Central heating, under floor heating, hot water, lights, pumps and so much more.​



Total Control of your home


The TotalControl9000 system, unlike many other systems, does not rely on a set of manufacturer supplied, bespoke, expensive control devices, it integrates with your existing wiring.  You can replace existing heating controllers, timers and schedulers. You can also wire in lights, pumps, UFH systems, irrigation systems...anything that runs on electricity.  The system is expandable to allow you to control up to 25 heating zones, pump, lights etc, all from a single interface.  Click here to see the Installation Guide

Control your system on the move


The unique way TotalControl9000 integrates with your home allows you to control pretty much anything anytime, anywhere.  The website you use to control your system works on any internet connected device and as its "responsive web" rather than an app, there's nothing to install, just open the website and enter your username and password.  Click here to see more



Retro Fit or New Build Integration




The system can easily be retrofitted into your home, office, school or hotel to replace a existing controller system and give you full internet accessible control and monitoring. 


The system can also integrate into your home wiring to control a wide range of circuits and devices. The ideal time to install a system is when you are building or renovating.  Designing in the system as part of your build will allow you to take maximum benefit from the system by integrating it into your homes wiring.  The flexibility of the system means you can control anything with it.

A Product that will evolve

The TotalControl9000 system will continue to develop, various exciting new features are already in development. The development team are always interested to receive customer feedback on improvements or new features you would like to see.

As our development team adds features to the system, you will get these automatically as the system magically keeps itself up to date.  If anything significant is changing we'll advise you in advance via the product news letters...so don't forget to sign up.





Currently available as "responsive web", TotalControl9000 works on all your devices while you are out and about, in your home or even in bed.​


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