Micro Scale Environment Control

If like many gardeners you want  to get your seeds off to a good start in the late winter or early spring you'll need to carefully control temperature, moisture and light, and if you are planning to grow show winning vegetables, it's essential.

You may have a heated propagator, artificial lighting and moisture control, but unless you've spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds these systems are probably not integrated or controlled. 


With the TC9000 Proper-Gator Control System you can now monitor and manage your growing environment from a single control point.  As with all TC9000 applications it's highly efficient as you reuse your own existing equipment, just plug your heater, lighting unit or watering system into the system via standard plugs and then set the temperature you need, the lighting schedule and monitor moisture levels......and of course as TC9000 systems are internet enabled you can do all this from anywhere in the world at any time using your phone, computer or tablet. 

Proper-Gator 9000 is currently in prototyping but if you fancy a go with one, let us know!